I believe that there is no better experience to know a country than on bikes.
For two decades I have travel by many places, many of these trips taking my bike.

These trips help me to build a network of tourism contacts, learning about the business and the industry, learning about expectations of villagers and finally making team with other excellent riders we have design circuits.

So, this site is delivered to promote and organize biking trips.
Singletrack rides in Lima is our main goal, basically targeted for sport mountain bikers.
Then the cycling trips are our second kind of rides, targeted to those who want a biking experience in the country from a single to multi days not necessaryly on singletracks.
If you search for a tailored organized trip write us, and we are able to arrange the whole needs for a real biking travel experience in Peru.

Finally I must thank to friends and people that had shared trails, adventures, knowledge, experience. Without them maybe I could not achieve the thousands of kilometers cycled. And also I have to thank the countryside people, without them there will be no possibilities to maintain “alive” our ancient paths, many of them part of the main network of trails that cross all the country and known in the world as the Inca Trail, making that way, Peru, as one of the few countries in the world that you can still practice outdoor sports in places with few changes for centuries.

Jaime Quiroz

Graphic and Web Designer

Graduated as Graphic Designer I had leaded many consumer retail design projects and web design.

Travel Photographer and Blogger

10 years in professional photography and writing blog articles.

Tourism Consultant

Our experience traveling in Peru, knowledge about the regions and tourism insights, may us recommend actions in destinations management. Develope or analize circuits is one basic tool to help to promote a destination.

Mountain Biker

Almost 20 years biking in the country, exploring, touring, having fun on bikes.