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Lurin River Valley

The bikers option for those who like distance and non technique trails.
Everyone choses where to start, and how much distance ride and the altitude to reach. Endurance is the key for this destination.

Recommended for:
Basic level to up.

All the year.

Riding time:
3-6 hours approx.

About the Place:

Lurin River is south from Lima and is the nearest point to do a ride that kind. Similar rides can be donde along the coast, but this is one of the most used because its approch to homes and city.
Lima is at 100 masl and as Pachacamac are the usual starting points, from Lima crossing the city that for many of us is not ideal.  Another usual option is Cieneguilla district at 300 masl and in the main road of Lutin River.
One interesting thing about this place is that the old Inca Trail was built following this valley and on the road we find many ancient sites, some of them good for visit.

About the Rides

As I told you can start from your house spending like 20Km or 1 1/2 hour in traffic, think that the way back you have to deal with that again.
Starting from Pachacamac at 150 masl (A in map) is more quiet and easy, and is the rightful choice.
The easiest trail takes you and in less than an hour to Cieneguilla (A-C) riding 12Km or extending to 18K (A-B). Once there you may choose to continue riding up following the valley (E), or if is enough enjoy the return riding down to the starting point at Pachacamac.
A couple of options are two very early, both may begin at Cieneguilla (300m). First option is riding on gravel and by a hot dry river bed along the Cactus Trail (C-D), this ride needs to carry all stuff you may need with you. And second is by paved road from Cieneguilla (B-F) for around 45Km to the small village of Antioquia located at 1500 m in a climb that is quite hot but there are some points to recover and get some water or fruit even take a good meal.

Open from January 15th.

Small group only.



Starting from our Headquarters

Take a taxi by app to our meeting point in Surco district, 10 minutes by car from Miraflores. Start/finish from our location.
1 + hour driving to Pachacamac or Cieneguilla district.

Meeting time: 6:45 am
Maximum we should leave at 7am.

What to bring:
Try to bring your own basic equipment: helmet, gloves.
Just a small snack and 1L of water, a windvest or a couple of layers in winter days unless you choose a longer ride. Sunscreen.

Any broken or damaged part of the bike or equipment, made intentionally or not because of riders fail or tricky terrain, must get paid back at commercial prices (ex: frame, levers, gears, derrailleur, tyres, wheels, helmet, gloves, etc).
Any rider´s injury caused by any reason during the ride is fully responsability of the rider and any medical or transportation cost must be covered by the rider. This is an adventure sport activity subject by its nature to failures of any kind.


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