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Paracas Beach and Desert

This destination is quite near to Lima. Travel by car may take around three hours, or a bit more with no hurry.
Once there you may choose from many kind of hotels and enjoy the beach and landscapes.
The National Park of Paracas is an amazing desertic place for riding.

Recommended for:
Any level but don´t expect technical trails.

All the year. Best from October to May.

Riding time:
3-8 hours approx. depending the route.

About the Place:

Paracas is one of the most important protected natural areas along the coast so one important thing is to have a respectful behaviour with environment and follow the instructions of sustainable visit in a natural area using the marked trails.
At the Paracas National Reserve, you will enjoy the amazing desert views, aside from the relax of the beaches. The route to take will depend on riders fitness, and basically will take you along beaches and cliffs and onto a ground of compact sand known here as conchales.
As the ride must be done very early in the morning, the recommendation is to travel the day before.

The Trails:

SHORT TRACK: 25+ Km / Easy to Intermediate Level. Starting from your lodge, can make a loop connecting Catedral with Playa Roja, small climbs and is always with visitors. Main beaches on the surroundings: La Mina and Yumaque.
THE MEDIUM FORMAT: 60 Km / Intermediate level some parts on easy and wide singletracks other by gravel road.
The trail connects Supay, Playón, Mendieta beaches pointing south following some cliffs.
THE BIG SIZE: 100 Km / Intermediate level
This is an extension of the medium one and it takes you to Laguna Grande, near to Independence bay.
Have to ride on paved road after crossing Mendieta Beach
THE ADVENTURERS: 50 Km / Intermediate level
This is a ride on the other side of the peninsule, pointing Red Beach you have to climb and maybe push your bike three times to cross three passes, and finish the adventure crossing the peninsule to get back to the main paved road of Paracas bay.

Don´t try any ride without supplies and mechanic knowledge, at least the three longest, is possible that you may not found anyone on the route, so being helpless in the middle of nowhere is not the best esperience.

Want to know more? Read the blog.

Available by request.

A four hours trip by the Panamerican Highway is neede to get to this amazing place.
Best choice is to get there in a private transportation to have some partial support during the ride or just to have an easier trip carrying bikes and all stuff. But it can be done using the public transportation (not recommended in Covid times).

The Basic Experience:

Two days on a private van + One night at a hostel.
Day 1: Leaving Lima and ride (depending season and level) at Pachacamac / Totoritas / Asia. After lunch we continue the trip to Paracas (3h30 from the city).
Day 2: Starting around 6am for a full morning ride. Back at noon. Lunch and trip back to Lima.

More coast

Trip could be extended for a third day, adding another ride in Paracas or maybe continue south to some other places like Palpa, Nasca or Atiquipa.

Rides start at 6:00 am
Better if before, sun gets strong from 10am and wind blows stronger from 11am and in the afternoon, if the plan is to ride south, the earliest we start we will profit of the wind on our way back.

What to bring:
Try to bring your own basic equipment: helmet, gloves.
Depending the level any ride is no less than three hours, so you must carry a full camelback or 2 Lt of water, some snacks and fruit
A windvest or a couple of layers in winter days and a lot of sunscreen in summer.

Any broken or damaged part of the bike or equipment, made intentionally or not, because of riders fail or terrain must get paid back at commercial prices (ex: frame, levers, gears, derrailleur, tyres, wheels, helmet, gloves, etc).
Any injury caused by any reason during the ride is fully responsability of the rider and any medical or transportation cost must be covered by the rider. This is an adventure sport activity subject by its nature to failures of any kind.


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