From Cusco to Titicaca

This is “the trip” of the southern Andes, that takes us from Cusco to the lake Titicaca, by alternative gravel roads, trying to avoid main highways, and enjoying the surrounding nature and life of these wonderful andean lands. The trip we planned was thought to start easy and little by little getting ready to profit the highlands and mountain range passes.

The Trip

Day 1: Sacred Valley. First ride is Maras. But as we are in along journey we will make a different ride as usual, so we will ride climbing a bit to Misminay, then downhill to Sacred Valley pasiing by Maras and the Salt Mine. Once there we continue to Yucay to finish the ride.

Day 2. Four Lakes. We will get transferred to Sangarará, a historical place, proud of Cusco, the village where Tupac Amaru shepherds forces began the revolutions against Spain in 1771. So then first we pass by Lake Pomacanchis, then Acopía, Asnacocha and finally Tungasuca, if there are still energy can calimb to cross the mountins to downhill to Tinta, the place where the final battle of Tupac Amaru revolution was done, from there we move to Raqchi, to sleep fine, eat well and take a shower.

Day 3: Langui. This is an option, if you want to ride a day by gravel road, first we drive to Langui, where Tupac Amaru was captured (and then cutted in parts by the Spanish in Cusco). From here we cross near La Raya to continue then to Ayaviri, the beginning of the Andean high plateau and the land of alpacas and lambs.

Day 4. Tinajani Canyon. Few km from Ayaviri, is located Tinajani, after crossing a small and very cold river we enter to the stone forest and the canyon. After a while here and after some flat km at 4000m begins the climb. And have to cross two times the 4600m in a short distance, passing by a forest of Puyas, an amazing giant plant that grows only at very high lands. Finished the climbs the descend awaits to reach Lampa village.

Day 5. Sillustani. You may start riding from Lampa or transfered to Cabanillas, and ride the road to Sillustani and Lake Umayo, finished the ride at this andean flat land you can go driving to Puno or to some small village at the lake Titicaca.

Day 6. Lake Titicaca. Wherever the ride you do is simply beautiful, we have chosen the trail between Pusi and Llachon and another choice is to ride the Chucuito peninsule.

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