Paracas desert

The National Reserve of Paracas is one of these places that deserve to be  listed on best and wonderful places ro ride on. Despite not to be a technical place for tough riders, pedaling on the desert, dry, sandy but rideable, surrounded by a great quietness and open spaces following an amazing coastline is simply a must do.

Paracas is 3 to 4 hours south from Lima. You can get there by car or bus and the key of a succesful ride is to start early, before 6am, wind and sun may be a torture if you are still riding after 1pm.
So, any trip you plan there you must be there the day before, sleep well and get awaken at 5.

Keep in mind that the desert is a tough place if you are not ready for it.
You can make it in short routes or long, depending yous skills, confidence and preparation.

We found that there are two main routes, starting from Paracas bay you may point south to Cathedral viewpoint, and following all the coastline will reach Playa Mendieta.  A long ride, and the return must get planned at noon to be helped by the strong winds that push us back to our starting point. If you have vehicle support you may try going to Independece Bay.

The second trail , starting again from Paracas beach we point ahead the Interpretation Center, and then on the fork on the road, taking left, pointing Lagunillas Viewpoint, following Read Beach and Lagunillas port we will start to climb to Mirador de Lobos, and after crossing a sandy maountain you will reach the main desert that has to be crossed to get back on the paved road that will take you back to Paracas. This is a not recommended if you don´t have a guide, the endless view of the desert and mountains may confuse you but knowing the way you can make it, anyway instead of a loop trip you can make a in/out, getting to Mirador de Lobos you can return the same way and maybe enjoy a bit of the beach.

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